This is the place where we break the rules, follow our joy,
and make money.

You know you can work hard. But you’re a little tired (or a lot).
And you’re tired of people telling you the “right” way to share your epic stuff with the world.

Part of you would really love to trust that things can be easier…

You started your business with the hope that you could do what you love, and the money would follow.
That’s what you were told right?

If you’ve wondered if  there is a different way to build a
business that matters and  also makes you money…

… you’re in the right place.

Trap #1:

Work hard.
Enjoy later.

What we’re told: If you do things right, money will rain down – you’ll have your summers in Maui, double your income every year, and never worry about money again.

This creates Marketing Trap #1: Work your butt off. Follow the strategy. Do what you’re told. But it doesn’t work, at least the way you had hoped.

The Myth: There’s something wrong with you. (Pssst, there isn’t.)

Trap #2:

Procrastination means you’re sabotaging.

What we’re told: If you aren’t taking the actions that you know you “should” be taking, and “need” to make to grow your biz, then you don’t want it bad enough.

This creates Marketing Trap #2: You need to just suck it up and take action. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

The Myth: You’re a procrastinator and you need to focus. (There is a difference between fear and something is out of alignment.)

Trap #3:

It works!
But there’s a price.

What we’re told: Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

This creates Marketing Trap #3: The hard work will be worth it. You may have results, but they are short-lived, not sustainable, or come at the price of your health, relationships or joy.

The Myth: The joy will come later. But it doesn’t.

3 Elements to Aligning Your Business:

When you are more aligned you are in each of these money-making pillars in your business, you close the money gaps.


1. Mindset & Intuition: Do you have solid tools to guide you to follow the energy and trust yourself so you know what actions to take? When it comes to launching your event, product, or program, do you know what to do? Or do you either shut down or do what you think you are supposed to?

If you have some money mindset pieces to address, this is where that will fit in too.

2. Marketing: How are you sharing your work in the world? Are your efforts paying off? Are you getting results, and are you getting consistent results?  Do you shut down or do you do what you are supposed to?

3. Messaging: Are you clearly and effectively communicating your value? Do people know what you do? If you were to ask ten people you’ve interacted with in the past month what you do, would they know?

Let’s align these three pieces and create magic.

What is the Intuitive Marketing Lab?

(No hustle or hype allowed.)


It’s a 9-month hands-on program with trainings, live virtual work days, guest experts, community, tools, and support that guides you through the steps of launching your program, product, or event in complete alignment with who you are.

Why nine months? You’re giving birth to the new way you market yourself and I promise, you’ll never look back.
(A little cheesy? Perhaps? Effective as hell? You bet!)

You’ll master Intuitive Marketing™, which does this primary thing in your business:
Understand AND IMPLEMENT what marketing works for you so anytime you want to increase your income, you can

PLUS, you will learn how to: 

  • Attract ideal clients more easily.
  • Feel and BE confident about what you are offering and how you are marketing yourself.
  • Make money consistently.
  • Avoid burnout, or recover from it if you are there.
  • Activate magic in your life and business.
  • SO much more!

What if working harder isn’t the answer? 

What's Included:

(scroll below to see a month-by-month overview)
  • Two (2) live trainings per month: Each training is 75 minutes and is recorded for 24/7 lifetime access. Trainings are designed to take you through step-by-step how to successfully launch your product, program, or event.
  • MONTHLY virtual work days: 4-hour live “get-stuff-done” days with open office hours to get support and work on your business. Each month you are focused on a specific project and you will GET IT DONE. No more thinking about it, or feeling stuck. Get the support, take the time, and then kick ass. both my lead coach and I are on active standby to answer questions, provide laser coaching and more.
  • Both my lead coach and I are available to answer questions, provide laser coaching and more.
  • Private Facebook Group: Get your questions answered, receive support, create JV connections, celebrate your results and much more. My head coach and I will actively be in the group to answer questions, provide bonus tips and create support.
  • Energy Clearings: Each month I deliver a powerful clearing audio to that wipes out blocks and fixed beliefs and shifts your energy to attract and magnetize the things you desire. Tools include Access Consciousness® clearings.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Soul Message: What is the transformation you provide to your clients? What do you stand for? Knowing this will help you embody your value and pricing more than any clever elevator pitch.
  • Marketing Message: How do you translate the transformation you create into something tangible that people are excited about investing in? What are the tangible benefits of working with you? If you don’t have the right words to describe what you do, you’ll get stuck in the marketing part, which is where the money comes into your business.
  • Copywriting Tips: Writing subject lines, headlines, blogs, emails, and social media posts takes some skill and you’ll get the top tips of how to captivate more eyes and ears to pay attention.
  • Positioning: How to position yourself as the expert so you are the obvious choice to your ideal market.
Offers and Pricing
  • Offers: Are you promoting a digital product, a private or group program, or an event, including a retreat or workshop? Knowing what your offers are that work with your lifestyle and preference for how you want to work with people is essential to have before you start marketing.
  • Aligned Pricing: Determine the pricing that works for your unique business model so you work with people you love, have time freedom, and feel great about what you deliver. Included are tools and tips so you are 100% confident in your pricing.
  • Business Models: Create the business model that serves your lifestyle, while helping a lot of people.
  • Marketing Archetypes: This is identifying what you naturally do so you can leverage it and monetize it.
  • Marketing Plan: Create a clear marketing path to reach your ideal clients so you create consistent cash flow.
  • Nurture Marketing: Create simple touches with your market that get you noticed and keep you top-of-mind when people are ready to invest.
  • Cash-injection Marketing: Sometimes you need a cash infusion in your business, and knowing the best way to do this that turns into more sustainable profits is essential.
  • Referral Marketing: How do you work with joint ventures and affiliates and activate more referrals?
Mindset & Intuition
  • Create the Vision: Understand and honor what you desire, and motivates you so you, so you stop any cycles of sabotage that may be infecting your business.
  • Money Mindset: Learn how to overcome the money mindset challenges that may be blocking your money flows.
  • Money Habits: Develop money habits that magnetize more money in your life.
  • Release Self Judgment: Learn tools and clearings to release self judgment keeping you from creating what you would really like to create.
  • Increase Your Intuition: Learn how to communicate with the soul of your business so you know what to do to build your business without the doubt or exhausting actions that lead to burnout.
  • Self Trust: Learn how to hear your intuition and have the courage to act on it so you don’t put your power in another person, strategy, or anything else outside of you.




9 Monthly Payments

Let’s talk about your bonuses: (woohoo)

BONUS #1: Selling as a Truth Guide is WAY different than sales courses that are focused on overcoming objections to do it “right.” Sales is a part of business, which is why I’m giving you The Art of Enrollment ($397 value). 

Learning how to sell in your archetype is essential. This program guides you through everything you need to do before, during, and after the sales conversation. Includes a sales conversation template to make your own so sales is easy and authentic, and training on the mindset you need to be confident in enrolling people into your programs.


BONUS #2: Ticket to Ignite Global ($197 value) this is my annual event and in 2017 will be offered online so you can attend from anywhere in the world. Dates are April 26-28 in Park City, UT or November 2017 in Australia.

Or you can attend the April event Livestream. (You don’t even have to wear pants if you attend the virtual event.) 😉

We’ve gotta talk about MONEY folks. And talk about it so you CHANGE your relationship with money, instead of being plagued by it. So Bonus #3 {cha-ching} is a full year’s membership to The Money Club! 

Bonus #3 {cha-ching} is a full year’s membership to The Money Club! ($297 value)Each month you receive:

Each month you receive:
Monthly training led by me giving you tools to change your money.
Monthly training led by one of my hand-picked money experts who has changed their money story.
Clearing audio with PDF taking you through powerful clearings and questions to rewire your brain’s ability to adapt new beliefs.


Month-by-Month Playbook:

Overall, I’ll be guiding you through two cycles of launching your product, program, or event. 

If the word launch freaks you out, it’s okay. Not only will you heal that part of you that resists marketing and launches, you will restore self trust and gain confidence to share your message with the world in a way that attracts clients.

This is not a magic pill. You will have to do the work in order for IT (your business) to work. But work does not mean struggle, and it’s not about work hard now, have joy later. it’s about ease, flow, magic, alignment, AND effort.

Month #1: Align Your Message and Marketing Archetypes with Money

Virtual Work Day: Update your Home or About page so it’s in Alignment with Your Soul Message and Marketing Archetypes


Embody Your Value and How to BE the invitation to naturally enroll people

Craft Your Compelling Message that invites people to invest in your services

Bonus Training: How to activate the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration to attract opportunities

Month #2: Create Your Offers and Product Map

Virtual Work Day: Create and Maximize Your Business Model so you Create the Income You Desire


#1: Create Your Offer(s) and Pricing
#2: Create Your Support Materials (contract, sales pages, intake process)

Bonus Training: Tips to Create a Sustainable Business Model so You Work Less and Make More

Month #3: Create Your Soul Vision Marketing Map

Virtual Work Day: Create (or update) your freebie that leads to sales


#1: Copywriting Basics: Push vs pull messaging

    • How to write headlines
    • How to write subject lines
    • Opt in Page
    • Sales page

#2: How to get Clients with Offline Marketing

Bonus Training: How to Focus on the Three Top Things That Bring in Clients

Month #4: How to Leverage Online Marketing to Reach Your Audience

Virtual Work Day: Opt-in page or sales page


#1: Online Marketing for Truth Guides

  • Social Media
  • Video

#2: Online Marketing for Truth Guides

  • Newsletters and Email Marketing
  • Other online marketing strategies

Bonus Expert Training: Facebook – How to Expand Your Online Reach with Your Newsletter (with M. Shannon Hernandez)

Month #5: Catch up month and pick your target for your next marketing phase

Virtual Work Day: Create Your Marketing Map for your Launch


#1: Topic to be determined based on your questions

#2: Topic to be determined based on your questions

(Starting in month #6, you are starting your second marketing phase. You will repeat the processes you did in the first phase, just implementing different pieces as needed.)

Month #6: Activate Your Global Presence

Virtual Work Day: Opt in Page or Sales Page for your next marketing phase


#1: to be determined

#2: to be determined

Bonus Expert Training: Leverage your content through certification with Beth Grant, creator of the Alignment Grid™ (what I call the Marketing Archetypes™)

Month #7: Expand Your Reach Part 1

Virtual Work Day: Reach more people through a podcast, YouTube, or blogging


#1: How to create an interview series or telesummit to position you as the expert in your market

#2: Repurpose your content to get in front of more people

Bonus Expert Training: Leverage Your Content with content that is aligned with your personality (M. Shannon Hernandez)


Month #8: Expand Your Reach Part 2

Virtual Work Day: Reach more people live through speaking and hosting your own workshops


#1: How to maximize virtual and in-person workshops

#2: How to maximize teleclasses and webinars

Bonus Expert Training: Create a Signature Talk That Sells Without Being Salesy


Month #9: Harness The Power of Relationships to Market Yourself with More Ease

Virtual Work Day: to be determined


#1: How to leverage joint ventures and power partners to generate referrals

#2: How to maximize networking, even if you are an introvert

Bonus Training: What do you need next? (topic selected for what you need)


Who is this for?

Visionaries. Rebels. Healers. Creators. Artists. Do-Gooders. Coaches. Consultants. Authors. Speakers.

We have this in common: we know we can create change, so we do.

If you are open to magic, willing to drop status quo, ready to make money with EASE, and have a sincere desire to create a business that feels friggin’ awesome, then Intuitive Marketing Lab is a fit. 

We’re breaking a lot of rules. Get ready for magic, baby. 


This is NOT  a fit  if:

You don’t have any idea what kind of business you want to do. Get that clarity first, then come back.

You are fixated on working harder as a way to create what you desire and unwilling to let go of the “push.”

You are more committed to being right or doing what’s “right”, than doing what really works for you.

You haven’t done any personal development and have a tendency to blame people and circumstances for your results.

You’re looking for a magic pill that pays you while you meditate and create new vision boards.


Easy-Pay Option

  • $222 per month for nine months.


Save over $200


Have some questions?

Let’s talk and make sure this is a good fit for you.

I truly want the best for you. So if this intrigues you, but you either have some questions or hesitations, let’s chat.

Be sure to read through the FAQs too – your question may be answered there.

Let's Chat!

Schedule your time


Can I join later?

Enrollment only happens twice per year. I’ve made this an easy price so it can work with your budget. Plus, everything is recorded so you can go back and refer to trainings at any time. Why would you wait?

When does the program start?

The course officially kicks off with our first live training the week of January 15. When you register, you will get instant access to some bonus trainings to get you started right away!

Will this work? I've already invested so much time and money...

I get the frustration of investing in things that didn’t pay off the way you had hoped. I’ve pulled together the essentials to facilitate success for you: live training, community, incredible bonuses, and plenty of opportunities to get support. I’ll bring my A game. I invite you to bring yours so we can co-create amazing things. You are the one who will have to participate, engage, and take action. My hunch is that because this will be such a different pace and energy, you’ll be amazed at easy this can be.

What happens after the six months?

If you want to keep your access to the Lab, you can stay in and launch your next thing. You get half price on round 2 if you want the continued support, training, community and clearings.

How does this work?

You will select what you are launching first: a product, program, or event.

Then we work together to get the message, marketing and energy aligned to create success. I teach and guide. You learn and implement.

I, along with my head coach, are actively engaged in the live trainings, virtual work days, and Facebook group to answer questions, give guidance and cheer you on!

As you move along your path, there will be stuff that comes up. Sometimes, it’s a tweak to your message or marketing plan, sometimes your mindset needs a boost. Which ever it is, we’ve got you covered.

How far in my business do I need to be?

If you have no idea what you want to do in your business, then this isn’t the program for you.

If you ARE clear about what you want to do and you need some direction so you can actually market yourself and make money, then this is a great fit.

Additionally, you can be a well-established entrepreneur, but you are operating in burnout mode and it’s time to create success with ease.

How WOO do I need to be? Do I need to be intuitive?

You don’t need to be “intuitive,” however I believe that everyone has gut instincts, it’s just a matter of listening to it.

I will teach you energetic principles that bring in the science side and the energy side. As long as you are open, you’ll be fine. If you feel challenged by new ways of thinking or an expansion on your beliefs, then it may not be  good fit.

And of course if you think energy and intuition is just plain stupid, then no, this isn’t a fit.

Do you have to be psychic? No. Can you be? Yep.

I have a gift for bringing woo info into very tangible and grounded way. You’ll get amazing tools, with the practicality to use it.

What's this energy clearing stuff?

There are specific tools I use to teach about energy and how to clear energy that is blocking your ability to create with ease.

I’m bringing in my favorite EFT (Tapping) experts to do some clearing that way.

My other favorite tool is Access Consciousness tools, which I’m in the process of being certified in. I’m also bringing in some certified peeps to join me in giving you some amazing tools. The two main tools we’ll be using are clearings and expansive questions.

Each month, you’ll receive bonus clearing loops, which are recordings of the clearings you can play in the background, or as you go to sleep. Why is that so cool? You can clear the crap in your way without WORKING hard to process it to death. What if it could be that easy?

How long will I have access to the bonuses?

Forever. Download them and access them 24/7 for the rest of your life.

What's the difference between the easy-pay option or the pay-in-full?

The program is $1,500 and if you do the payment options, it’s the total divided equally between six payments. If you choose to do a pay-in-full, I give you a discount.

What's your refund policy?

I stand behind my products and programs 100%. If you’re not sure this is a fit, then let’s talk:

Once you are registered, I don’t offer refunds. Right away, you receive over $1,000 in bonuses so if you never did anything in the program, you get a ton of value.

Accountability is huge to me. You can count on me to be 100% accountable. I expect the same. This is why I offer to chat with every person BEFORE they enroll, to make sure it’s a great fit.

Now if something goes crazy with technology and you can’t access part of your program, or something like that, rest assured that my team are 100% committed to make things right. You’ll find that I’m very generous in what I provide.


How tech-savvy do I need to be?

You must know the basics of computers, saving files, accessing the internet, Facebook, etc. It’s helpful if you are willing to learn new things like Picmonkey or Canva, as an example.

You don’t need to be a trained graphic designer, copywriter, or web programmer.

If technology isn’t your thing, then having a virtual assistant on your team is a huge advantage.

And we have a saying at AJ Headquarters, “Google it!” It’s actually #gib, but you’ll know what that stands for once you’re inside.

Be resourceful. Be willing. Engage. If you do those things, you’ll be fine.



If all of the strategies worked, everyone would be farther ahead in their business.

Working harder, even for just a little longer, isn’t going to create the sustainable results you are looking for.

You are closer than you think you are to creating sustainable results that bring you profits and joy.

Why do I care so much?


I know what it’s like to be broke. I know what it’s like to burn myself out chasing an imaginary dream that became a nightmare of just keeping my head above water. I know what it feels like to sell my soul because I didn’t trust myself to create money my way.

The majority of the marketing that is taught doesn’t work. Working harder to make it work, isn’t the answer. Ignoring your intuition and spiritual connection just so you can make a buck or two, isn’t what you signed up for.

I’m fluent in the language of woo AND marketing strategy. I’m a master with words and messaging and bring this all together to serve you. Why? You are creating epic things in the world. And it’s time that magic was your reality.

You can read about my journey below.

My Story:

print_angellajohnson-9101-cropAfter getting fired in 2008, I had spent almost two years trying to meditate my way to money. It wasn’t working. I knew something had to change because I was making NO money and I was sick of it.

In late 2009, I hired my first real business coach. It cost more money than I ever imagined investing. It was more than double my car payment (and I had a pretty nice car).

I hustled and worked my ass off. It worked. I created over $100,000 in sales in my business in ten months. I kept hustling and working hard. I was NOT going to go back to being broke.

Three red flags showed up during that time:

1. When I asked my coach when I could enjoy life that I seemed to see everyone else living on Facebook, the answer was “none of that is real, you need to work your butt off for at least five years and then you can rest a little.”

2. Some of my clients were getting results, some weren’t. I had a suspicion that it was because they were doing things totally out of alignment with their purpose and desires. The answer I got was “you win some, you lose some. It’s not your problem. As long as they are willing to keep paying you, you can’t afford to let them go.”

3. I wanted to talk more about soul purpose and intuition in business. But I was told that no one would pay for that and no one cares about intuition or soul purpose, people just want to make money so focus on that.

Was that true? Deep down I knew it wasn’t true, but I was scared to going back to my hobby business. I didn’t know if I trusted myself to do it a different way.

In the winter of 2012, I had fallen into a depression, which was a world I knew from my past. I had nothing to be depressed about right? I was almost to $200,000 in my business, I was hosting events with over 200 people attending, I had a full coaching practice. It felt like I was winning the popularity contest that my business had become.

I was miserable. My cash flow sucked because I had over-invested and was lousy with my money. I felt like a fraud.

So I burned it all down. I fired my coach. I fired most of my clients. I started over. I healed. I was scared and I did it anyway. I came out of the spiritual closet as an intuitive. I chose me.

I lost friends. I was the source of gossip. I still chose me.

And I created my six-figure business again within a year. This time, my way and without cutting off the most important parts of me.

Fast forward to today: I have a growing business. I love my life and my clients. I have a healthy relationship with money. I’ve embraced the fact that I’m a magic maker. I honor my keen intuition along with the bad-ass marketing strategist that I am.

I’m happy. I’m making money. I live in purpose. I have joy. Magic is my every-day reality.